Saturday, 31 March 2012

Appy Feet Experience

The moto of the shop, love it!
The weather has been so fabulous lately that we took the opportunity to use my husbands birthday gift certificate to "Appy Feet". This is one of those fishy pedicure places that are popping up all over, there are actually 2 in York. We thought about it all winter, but felt we would enjoy it more if we didn't have to worry about rolling up our trousers to keep them dry.

Here Fishy Fishy!

We had such a good time! As soon as you sit down, the fish start to get excited and swim towards the surface of their tank. By the time your toes touch the water they have achieved contact! The initial sensation was extremely ticklish and I had to quickly place the soles of my feet on the bottom of the tank but do it gently enough to not squish any fish.  At the end of your time, these little guys are so eager, they are jumping out of the water to get to you as you dry your feet over the tank.

 Notice my feet placed firmly on the bottom of the tank at this point.  Had to try very hard to keep from twitching and giggling too much!

The extreme sensation wears off and becomes very pleasant. I was able to lift my feet little by little and let the fish give my feet the complete overhaul they needed after months in boots!

I look forward to having this done again at the end of summer when my feet will need a nice treat after months in river sandals!

Oh yeah, my husband really enjoyed it too, it was his birthday present after all! We will both be back before the end of summer. 

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