Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Heading home

I am off to America for a couple of weeks. This trip was in the works before my husband booked his 12 week holiday from work. Thinking about it, I guess I didn't really need to book it, but I promised my soon to be 3 year old nephew I would be home for his birthday. I couldn't go back on a promise, especially one to a 3 year old!

As always I pack tons in just before going out of town. I spent last week painting our hall way. It probably works out to the equivalent of 2 rooms of painting, and much of it was on a ladder reaching over the stairwell with a long radiator roller. Ok, so I am not the fastest or most skilled painter and decorator, but I get the job done. Well, almost done. I have not painted the ceilings or the trim work, maybe when I get back... But I also want to do a little touch up work on the dining room and redo the living room (snug). Plus de-cat the guest bedroom for my parents, pack for our cruise, paint and fit the skirting boards in the guest bedroom, take Toby to the vets for his annual checkup and shots, build a few bookshelves, sow the flower seeds and the list goes on!

On Saturday, when I was supposed to be cleaning up, doing some of said trim work, and packing, I spent most of my day with my little Isis cuddled on my lap she was not feeling well at all and I was having flash backs from little Mona Moo. After consulting our vet and discontinuing her antibiotics, she has perked up a great deal. She was even playing fetch with my hair ties and even initiating the game by bringing one from the loft down 2 flights of stairs (meowing the whole time) to my husband! We will work on getting her back on the renal diet when I get back, after all any food is better than no food.

Easter Sunday we spent at my sister in law's house and were completely exhausted by her three children. Needless to say, we were pretty much straight to sleep by the time we got home.

So that left Monday. You would have thought i would have left Monday open with little scheduled, but not me! My husband and I hosted The G family to a roast dinner. We cooked lamb and pork with roast potatoes and veg. It was like going to a carvery (except we forgot the Yorkshire puddings). My husband did buy dessert instead of me making something. He felt I had a bit much on my plate to be baking something from scratch. I suppose in the long run he was right and I was glad to be able to cuddle Isis and the other cats instead of heading into the kitchen to bake. It was a few less dishes for him to wash as well! Maybe that can be my ploy to redo the kitchen to get the dishwasher fitted! I have plans for that too lol.

After a brisk walk around the village (and one sleeping baby G), the G family headed home and we put our feet up for the first time that day. We watched a little tv and my husband headed to bed. While he slept, I put away laundry and packed my stack that I gathered over the week into my suitcase. I was surprised how quickly I got everything done as I was in bed before 11 o'clock. Unfortunately, I did not fall asleep as quickly as everything fell to place in my suitcase and 4am came way to quickly.

Everything was going smoothly this morning and we headed out of the village towards the train station. My husband was quizzing me to see if I had sorted the cats appropriately (check, Isis in the loft -clean fed and watered, American cats in their room -CFW, and English cats free to move about the house today-CFW)

Did I have my passport? Check
My English phone? Check
My flight info? Check (in the iPad which meant he didn't have to ask if I had that!)
Did I have my American phone? Ch...NO.
Fortunately we were barely out of the village and my key was handy. After a quick turn around we were on the road again. I made it to my train with plenty of time to wait in the cold.

So now I am one car ride, one train trip, along walk to my terminal and over halfway through my first flight. I have customs, another short internal flight and a quick car ride before I get to the end of today's journey. 17+ hours in all with a list of things to do in the morning lol and possibly bully sitting tonight for my sister's 2 English bulldogs!

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