Friday, 21 January 2011


I am not quite sure what the fascination of drinking leaves and hot water, but it is a national institution. Everywhere I go, I am offered a "cuppa". Even my husband in an effort to console me after the passing of my grandfather asked if I would like a cup of tea.... Personally, I am a water drinker. Just like a tea drinker can drink boiling tea in mid summer, I can drink cold water in winter. Water is good for you, it doesn't stain the cup (or your teeth for that matter), and it comes ready to drink. No need to boil or dip leaves in it. No need to add sugar or milk. You can drink water straight from the tap. I have tried a variety of tea and I still do not like it. It should not come as a surprise, I do not drink coffee or soda (or Pop). As a child we had to carry water around with us because bottled water was not readily available. I have tried drinking hot water and lemon, but it taste like a glass of water left in the sun in Florida too long. The only hot drink that I like (after it cools a bit) is hot chocolate. I will brew mint tea to make my hot chocolate with from time to time! Unfortunately, if I drank a cup of hot chocolate every time my husband drank a cup of tea, I would be a diabetic in about a week. I am not giving up on my attempt to drink tea, I have just ordered a sample of strawberry/mango tea and cranberry/raspberry/elderflower tea. They may taste better as a Popsicle! Cheers!