Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

The link below refers to the origins of Mothering Sunday.

Whether you call it Mothering Sunday or refer to its modern name, Mothers Day, yesterday we celebrated Mums around the UK.

My in laws arrived around 10am. Our first stop was the Mercedes garage to pick up our new car. We walked into the showroom and saw our car waiting for us. Unfortunately, they were not able to print out the finance documents, so we had to leave the car there. Completely bummed, we drove off in the salesman's car with the hopes to get our car today.

The rest of the day was about my husband's Mum. She was looking forward to a day in Harrogate and was delighted with the spring blossoms as we strolled through The Valley Gardens. We were treated to a bright sunny day even if still chilly (not quite Florida weather). We even saw a plaque referring to the American soldiers who fought during WWII. Will have to look into my grandfather's war records to see where, besides Coventry, he was in England.

After our walk we headed to the General Tarleton. You may recall we stumbled upon this lovely restaurant and hotel when we had our little accident in the snow. We decided it would be the perfect place for Sunday dinner on Mothering Sunday. I am not sure how well I like the name sake though. He was a general in the English army during "the American war" as the war for Independence is referred to here. He was quite brutal by all accounts. You can read more about him here:

No matter the namesake, once again we had a lovely experience at the General Tarleton. We were all hungry by our 2pm reservation and consumed our starters before I could think to take pictures. Local, seasonal, and fresh, the food was delicious. Moneybags (seafood in a crispy shell and a lobster sauce), scallops, and a Sheeps milk cheese soufflé made a brief appearance on our table.

A little food in our stomachs, the gentle buzz of conversation surrounding us, and the sun through the bay window in which we were seated made for a great atmosphere. Our main course soon arrived, the boys chose the pork and I splurged on the roast beef. My mother-in-law was sensible and got the sea bass. I did linger on the sea bass, but we don't eat beef often and thought I would indulge while we were out. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach as I couldn't finish my main, especially as I knew dessert was on its way!

For dessert I chose the trio of Yorkshire rhubarb (as did my mother-in-law). We were offered a panacota with a rhubarb jelly (jello) on top, vanilla ice cream with a rhubarb compote, and the sweetest little rhubarb crumble. My husband had the sticky toffee pudding (which is really a steamed cake in toffe sauce) and Pops had the Eaton Mess (strawberries and bits of meringue in whipped cream).

Needless to say, we all had more than our fill of delicious food and my Mother-in-law enjoyed her day. Hopefully, her congestion was only due to her forgetting her asthma inhaler and not her coming down with a cold.

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