Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oops, I missed Wild Wednesday!

And for good reason. My poor husband didn't get to put his feet up on his day off until about 6pm.

We were up before 8am to get ready for the vets. We schedule an early appointment because we have a better chance of getting Max, the wandering English black cat, at home. It rained steadily all night, so he spent the night at home. When my husband went downstairs to make his cuppa, he was curled in his cat bed next to the radiator. He put some food down and even gave him some of our leftover roast chicken.

He tucked in as my husband and I showered and got dressed. I figured I would put him in a carrier then release the Americans and get Isis (the tailless wonder) from the bathroom sink, her first stop when released from their bedroom. So all ready, I head downstairs with plan in mind and Max is MIA. The English cats are indoor/outdoor, and Max was currently out. We went out to the garden and called his name, but he did not return.

My husband continued calling for him while I got Isis ready. She came with no problems. So with only one cat we headed to the vets for a shot and a senior blood panel. She just turned 11 on Valentine's day and she has lost a little weight since moving to England (wish I could say the same). I am hoping we pick up hyperthyroid disease as that is quite easily controlled. If she is in the early stages of the disease process, she is a candidate for a food trial from Hills Science Diet Veterinary Foods. Fingers crossed we don't have a similar process that Mona went through. Isis was very brave at the vets, even if they had to shave both sides of her neck to get a little blood.

On our way home we stopped at the post office hoping to get my driving license application sorted. Easingwald post office can only renew a license, the can not process a foreign application. Well thats strike three on my application. Last week, both photo booths at Tesco were out of order. We went to Ripon post office because they were listed on the website as being able to process my application. When we got there, they could not. Good thing I am not really playing ball!

After returning home and dropping off Isis, we went to Morrisons for a late breakfast and a stop in a photo booth. Fortunately, their photo booth worked and a few minutes later I had some mugshots. I wish you could smile in a picture here!

Not wanting to miss anything on the application, we thought I needed to have my picture signed by someone who has known me for 2 years in the UK. So we drove to York where Mr. G agreed to sign it. Once we got there though, we realized it didn't need signed. So we put my passport, both applications, and a note explaining the second application was due to my inability to keep my signature within the white box in the envelope. We added some tape to keep it shut (the adhesive was worthless) and made it to the post office to send it "special delivery" which means it will be signed for and arrive within the next hour.

Home now we hung a curtain rod, changed some light bulbs, had a snack, then we were out of the house again. When I had my third bad cold of the winter, the doctor who saw me suspected asthma. Just now getting all things coordinated to have my spirometer testing. The appointment was scheduled for 40 minutes, so my husband picked up the double cream for a cupcake recipe I was toying with and the medicine cabinet I spied in the local antique shop. By the time I was done, I was correct, my lung capacity was normal. They could rule out chronic bronchitis, but not yet asthma. My husband was in the waiting room for me to give the good news to.

Finally home we vegged out in front if the tv last night watching multiple episodes of Criminal Minds with the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes as dessert!

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