Monday, 5 March 2012

A Charity Event for The Meningitis Trust

Just over three years ago, our friends were going through a nightmare. Mrs. C was very ill suffering from an intense headache that continued down her neck. It had not been going on for very long, but was acute and severe. Fortunately, Mr. C was extremely persistent and he convinced the GP to come to the house. Once the GP had examined her, he recognized the symptoms of Bacterial Meningitis and called an ambulance.

With no recollection of the next day and some time in the hospital, Mrs. C beat the meningitis and was released, however it took her about a year to feel 100% back to normal. She was very lucky as many suffer long term injuries/disabilities if they survive. She credits her husbands stubbornness and fast actions for her full recovery. Although they didn't know, meningitis can be fatal if not treated within FOUR hours of symptom onset.

The number of times I have had a severe headache are countless. If you are ever in doubt, please get medical attention immediately. With such a small window for effective treatment, everyone should know the signs and check the Meningitis Trust website. There is even an app for the symptom card. If you or your kids have a smart phone or tablet, download it!

After her recovery, Mrs. C has done several charity events benefiting the trust. This is the second (and supposedly her last) Champagne and Feathers Ball. It was an excellent event with champagne reception, great food,a variety of musical entertainment, tombolla, raffle, auction, and silent auction.

We had the opportunity to dress to the nines, have fun with some good friends, win a few items in the silent auction, and it all benefited a great cause.

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