Monday, 12 March 2012

Some amazing weather!

I know! I usually complain about the English weather, but the weekend has been glorious and there seems to be more of the same for the week!

I spent much of the weekend outside digging up one of the flower bed by our deck. We had some unruly shrubs that I am going to try to replant out front ion the cobbles in an effort to continue to claim a bit of space in front of our house. Really if we didn't have the barrels out there people would park right up to the front door I think. As it is people still walk their dogs and let them leave some unfriendly gifts at our doorstep. Hopefully the plants will take and I can create a bit of a hedge. Next year I am hoping for a bit of a cottage garden within the hedged area. Curb appeal to help it sell!

I spent a little time indoors yesterday to cook a lovely Sunday roast. It would have been nicer if my husband didn't have to work, but we had some quality time once he was home! I think the next time we have the G family over for a Sunday roast we may have s roast potato competition between my husband and myself. On Christmas, he claims turkey and potatoes as his jobs, but I think my potatoes are better, even if I am an American!

Today my husband had a conference and was meeting the carpool in the next town. I drove in with him and we window shopped until the carpool arrived. Once he was on his way, I hit the charity shops (thrift stores) and antique shops. My big finds of the day were a wooden bracelet and little hold all. I spent £1.38 on my treasures and could easily fit them in my hand bag...after I ate my banana.

Good thing they fit as I was cycling home. It is mostly flat and just under four miles. I was glad to have the ride one way as the bikes are in desperate need of a tune up. I still have mud caked on my bike from the last time I rode in the fall, I can't shift gears or I pop the chain off, and today I broke one of the reflectors as I tried to take it out of the TT. I may cycle into town on Thursday and meet my husband at the gym after work. If I can get into town early enough, I can leave the bike at the shop and for £20 it will get a tune up! I think it will be worth the piece of mind as I use it as my main source of transportation while my husband is at work.

Oh well, time to get a little more gardening in as I procrastinate from doing any indoor chores! At least one of them is fun, pack for a day at the Cheltenham Race Festival!

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