Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The weather...again lol

I know, every time I mention the hideous weather I have no one to blame but myself. I willingly left my home in Florida to be with my husband in North Yorkshire, England. I knew it would be rainy and cold, dark and dreary, I just didn't or couldn't understand the extent of the poor weather.

There are some similarities between the two opposing climates though. Let me see if I can adequately compare and contrast the two.

Daily rain showers, both get them, Florida's are warm and lovely and occur in the summertime and often give a spectacular light show along with the nourishing rains. I would often go outside in swimsuit in the rainstorms if no lightening was associated with them. Best way to cool down is a Florida rain shower!

England usually has them in the autumn and winter, sometimes spring and this past year even the bit of summer that I was here for. They are cold and grey without light shows. Driving rain and winds that can rival a few of the tropical storms I saw in Florida. There is no intense heat between these showers to dry the ground, or anything else for that matter... The roads are often flooded, not for a few minutes or hours from the sudden drop of water from the sky, but often for weeks at a time because the ground is supersaturated and the rivers are overflowing their banks, there is simply no where else for the water to go. If I go outside in the rain here, it is usually under several layers of clothing with at least one waterproof layer in there and often a thermal layer closest to my skin. Any sense of style I had has been lost to the heavily layered look. Leggings and boots are the norm so that I can keep my feet dry and the bottom of my jeans/trousers don't get soaked or mud laden.

There is a silver lining to the clouds here. When the sun does peek through the lighting is gorgeous for photography. The rural landscape is a lush green and the stormy skies add a contrast and excitement to the photos. Now it is just getting out and back in before the stormy skies on the horizon open overhead.

The pictures are from my phone, I didn't want to bring my camera out in case I got caught in the rain. Good thing, at least I was layered well and the phone was safely hidden away in the pocket of an interior layer!

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