Thursday, 19 January 2012


I don't know why every trip I go on packing is a huge ordeal. I start setting things aside a week or two in advanced. As I put laundry away, I have a spare bed stacked with things I don't want to put in the closet so I don't wear them again before my trip.

This time was no different. Usually I have a generous stack of clothes that I whittle away to a reasonable wardrobe to fit every mood. I have had to limit myself more than normal for our next holiday as we are flying with RyanAir. Every item carried and checked onto the plane will be scrutinized, measured, and weighed. We are only paying for one checked item between the 2 of us with a maximum weight of 20 kg. we can each take one piece of hand luggage, but must be under 10 kg and aXbXc dimensions. If you make a mistake by even a few grams you get charged £40. It starts to defeat them purpose of flying cheap...

Wish me luck, I have another day to fiddle with my packing!

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