Thursday, 12 January 2012

At the pictures...

You wouldn't think there would be so many differences in one language, but I can tell you sometime I think my husband is speaking Greek.

Last week my husband asked if I wanted to go to the pictures. I asked what pictures? My husband said "the movies" like dah... what do you think I meant. He then laughed when he realized it was another language barrier broken through.

We were planning to see Sherlock Holmes last week, so I made sure I was ready to go as soon as he came home from work and even had dinner ready. I also had some clothes out and the heater on in the bathroom so he could get ready quickly.

We made record breaking turn around time, which was good because we had just enough gas to get there as long as my husband didn't engage the turbo in his Audi TT. It was also very good that we were driving a bit slower than normal as an enormous tree had fallen across the dark country road we were driving.

We quickly flashed our high beams to alert oncoming drivers so they too could avoid a collision. As we began to turn around, another car was coming up behind us. Fortunately he too stopped before hitting us or the tree.

Needless to say that was the end of our movie for the night. We instead navigated to a gas station (I mean petrol station) and reconsidered our options for the night. I'll post about that soon.

We finally made it to see our movie yesterday. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude law work really well together and I love the twist they have put in this adaptation of the classic with Holmes a bit on the wacky side. Stephen Fry plays Sherlock's brother and adds another fabulous layer of humor to the crime series.

All in all it was well worth the wait and would recommend the film. I have grown up with my father watching quite a few different adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. I will have to make sure he sees the films (2 in this series now) before he comes to visit as the Sherlock Holmes museum in London is on our list of things to do when he visits!

The photo is the tree that blocked our way after it had been cleared from the road. I still want to stand next to it to see how big it really was!

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