Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our second day, Sao Martinho do Porto

We had grand plans to walk to the nearby beaches of Sao Martinho do Porto Monday morning. We checked weather and planed our route with google maps. On Sunday we appeared to find a route via some of the small farm roads that was only about a 5.2 km walk. We both thought that was extremely achievable and still have energy to enjoy our day at the beach. We dressed appropriately for a day with lots of physical activity, I packed our backpacks with water and snacks as well as extra layers of clothing and even flashlights encase we were later than expected getting back.

All ready to leave, we sat down with the iPad and google maps and suddenly it was a 7.6 km walk. Although equally as manageable, it just seemed like a lot to tackle when my husband should be relaxing and recharging. It also took us on the main road. Although it is not a superhighway by any stretch, we didn't want to face portugese drivers on foot. There is very little sidewalk between the village and the beach. We decided best to drive, and we were glad we did come time to head home.

We still managed to get some exercise in. We parked the car on the southern end of the bay and joined the boardwalk. We walked towards the "foz" or estuary, crossed a little bridge and stared up at the giant sand dune. My husband had climbed it 5 years ago and decided he would do it again. I looked up with hesitation, inclines are not my strong suite, and took a step. Then I took another step, and loads more, sliding backwards for every step up. Eventually, I made it to the top it was well worth it as the view from the top was breathtaking, or maybe that was just me out of breath from the climb!

We spent the entire day along the shore doing beachy things. We watched a cormorant hunt, collected sea shells, got our feet wet, had an enormous fresh fish lunch, and walked it off afterwards taking in more spectacular views.

Once the sun began to go down and the evening chill began to set in, we were again very glad we had the car to drive home. Our next day was unplanned, but turned out fabulous. Can't wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!

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