Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Out and about, Costa de Prata, the silver coast of Portugal

On Sunday we ventured to Obidos, a lovely town surrounded by fortification walls. The gates in and out of the walls are as ornate as any church alter. Speaking of churches we saw three as we walked through town! My camera battery died less than halfway through our walk :( very unprepared of me, but I got some good snaps before and had the iPad for a few more.

My big adventure on Sunday took place behind the wheel of our rental car. I drove! It is left hand drive, so much easier for me, but it is a manual transmission. Driving used to be such a relaxing activity but put me behind the wheel of a manual and my shoulders tense, my brow furrows, and my heart races.

I gave us good reason for all of that once. We were on a tiny road that happened to be an extremely steep hill. My husband tells me to rev it up, so I think he has the hand brake on and I am going to do hand brake start. WRONG. We suddenly start going backwards very quickly. It took me a second to break, thank heavens no one was behind us. Once we both regained our composure I once again put the car in first gear, managed the start stop technology, found the bite in the clutch and got us up the hill. All in all, I am driving manual much better, especially after driving automatic almost exclusively before moving to England. Start stop technology is probably giving me more hassle than shifting, I am getting myself out of predicaments that my instructor would have had to do in the past, and most importantly I have not given up yet. Now I just have to drive again while here...

At the top of that steep hill lies our other holiday villa in the village of Rabaceira. One of the reasons for coming to Portugal was to check up on the holiday villas, make sure everything seems in working order, and let our business partner know if there are any major concerns before the height of holiday season begins. The views at this villa are absolutely stunning. We walked around the village using what little portuguese we know "ola" and "obrigado". When we returned to the house I was again struck by the gorgeous views across the valley in front of the house. I promise pictures to come soon as we need to stop back at the house before leaving.

Next stop Sao Martinho do Porto, see you there!

All of the pictures were taken within the walls of Obidos, hope we have time to go back.

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