Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Master Suite

a legacy left by the builders?
As I have mentioned before, I have moved into my husbands home in England which will be 200 years old next year (according to the deeds).  Needless to say a few things are always on the list to get done around here.  

I have started the list very cautiously handling things that I know I can complete without too much drama and trauma!  I redecorated a purple bedroom to a lovely sage green, ripped up the carpet and put in laminate flooring (with help from the hubby).  Needless to say, I still have to install the secondary base/skirting boards.  But that will come soon. 

Just before I was asked to leave the country, I had started our master bedroom.  We had an accent wall of deep red.  Although I love the color, I did not feel the bedroom was the best place for it.  I managed to change the red to "brown sugar" however, I did not finish cutting in or the other walls before my extended time in the States.  Part of it was indecision, I wanted to paint the eves and ceiling in the same color.  I was only planning to do this in the section with the bed to give it boundaries in our open plain master suite.

The late great Mona in front of  the red wall in the bedroom

The other day we were in the city strolling in and out of charity shops and junk shops and I bought a magazine rack, a little rattan one to keep my husbands reading materials neatly contained on the side of the bed.  It was just enough inspiration to put me back into action redecorating the house.

The Inspiration
The Results

I am so pleased with the outcome and can't wait to finish the rest of the room!  We have a futon with no hardware to attempt to put back together and some major roof and ceiling work that needs done raound the chimney, but I think it looks great.  I was a bit timid about painting such a large area a deep color as we plan to sell in a few years and head back to the States, but I think the neutrals work well together and keep it from being too overwhelming.  

Ra sitting proud on the bed, he climbs over two stacked baby gates to get up here...

I completed the project (minus a few picture hanging details that will come after a trip to Ikea) with only one mishap.  

This time, instead of the paint not adhearing or big sheets peeling from the ceiling, 

Spare bedroom redecorating, paint did not want to adhere to the plasterwork

I pulled one of the radiators from the wall.  I was leaning across and balancing on the radiator when, out came the screws from the drywall...  no stone walls here, I don't think the builders really knew what fittings to use.   

That box of paperwork is the only thing  holding the radiator against the wall right now!  I see a trip to B & Q in our future!

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