Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The American Suburbanite in North Wales

We are finally home from our holiday and I can get back to blogging.  Although we had limited internet connection, I just couldn't bring myself to spend too much time infront of a computer whilst out and about.  Good news, a smart phone is in the works for me so I can update on the move!

(c) ASRE

Our first stop was North Wales. One of the things I enjoy about Wales is the Welsh language.  I do not understand it at all, but it makes you feel as if you have been abroad when a language other than English is spoken.  We stay at Plas Meirion in the little village of Trefriw in Snowdonia. We are just a short drive from the Coastal community of Conwy and the mountain-side hub of Betws-y-Coed

The village itself is fairly quiet with a few pubs, lots of sheep and unending ideallic views and walking/jogging trails. 
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 A working woollen mill is the primary attraction within the village. You can see the wool being processed through to the final product.  During our visit last year, we bought a lovely cushion, the wool is so soft and not at all itchy.

There is also a lovely waterfall that powers a water wheel for the mill. The waterfall was named by the Victorians 'Fairy Falls' and is quite a magical little place.  If you approach quietly, you might even catch the Fairies off guard!

(ok I admit fairies were pinched from google images)

On this trip we spent our time on Anglesey where we toured several sea side communities.   We started the day here:

(c) ASRE   Plas Newydd, Anglesey, North Wales

We are members of the National Trust and try to stop at a new sight as often as possible.  This trip was Plas Newydd.   A grand home for the Marquess of Anglesey.  They still live in the top floor, however the rest of the house and garden is open to the public through the National Trust.  It is more a financial benefit to the Marquess than a desire to share, but a win win for all involved.

(c) ASRE View across the Straights
(c) ASRE The Garden
(c) ASRE Garden Water Feature

After Plas Newydd, we went into several coastal communities in search of Welsh Slate.  Although we found plenty of lovely items, none of it was certified Welsh, most of the slate in the UK is now shipped in from China, what a shame.  I did manage to bring home a small piece though.  When I went down to the beach to get some pictures of this bright yellow boat waiting for the tide to come under it again, I found a very nice peice of Welsh Slate right there on the beach! 

(c) ASRE The boat that led me to my slate
With the slate find, we headed to the light house for sunset and were lucky enought to be there for low tide.  We made it all the way out to the light house and didn't need the air/sea rescue team to lift us from an incoming tide!

(c) ASRE Trwyn Du Lighthouse with Puffin Island in the Background

No Royal sightings this day, but lovely just the same.

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