Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Preparing for our holiday

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My husband had holiday time scheduled in August and if I had not been able to return to the country, he would have visited me in the States and we would have had 2 weeks together regardless of my location.  Luckily enough, I was able to come home and we still have holiday time this month to get away from his work and the daily grind.  Although we had hoped to be on our Mediterranean cruise for this holiday, my visa issues caused us to delay it until next year.  We still wanted to take advantage of our location and give me the opportunity to see some of Europe so we are doing a driving/train trip instead.  North Wales, London, Paris, Brighton Beach, and Eastbourne before heading back home!

(c) ASRE
Because we are making so many stops and will be traveling without our car from the time we arrive in London until we depart Paris, we have decided to pack a small bag (or 2) for each leg of the trip. We thought it would be easier than hauling one large suitcase through train and tube stations.  Can I tell you, it has taken me as long to pack each individual bag as if I were packing it for its own 2 week holiday.

My husband is a bit concerned as he only has an Audi TT and it is quite small.  Here is the boot (or trunk) filled to the rim when I flew in last year with my dearly departed Mona enjoying the view through the rear window.  

(c) ASRE    Mona Moo, Military issue duffel bag, large suitcase, 2 pieces of hand luggage, cat crate and more, we should have no problems!

I will let you know how the car gets packed as well as a bit more on each leg of the trip!

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