Sunday, 11 September 2011

A day of rememberance

(c)ASRE, a gap in the skyline
On this day it is difficult to not think about the tragic events that occurred 10 years ago.  As I listen to the names being read, I think how lucky I and my family have been.  We know no one directly impacted by the tragic events of that day, nor have we lost anyone in the wars that preceded or followed.  I am so thankful and yet my heart will still ache for those that were directly impacted.

(c) ASRE graffiti... memorial

As many people do, I remember exactly what I was doing on the day of the attacks.  What is more important I remember where I was, at my family home, not 1000 miles away.  On 9 September 2001 I had booked a flight from FL to PA, which I missed.  On 10 September 2001 I was placed on a flight, which I boarded and safely made it to my destination.  For that I am most thankful for.

(c) ASRE The rebuilding efforts in 2009 from our hotel window.

My families closest link to the World Trade Centers comes from my father.  Before the collapse of the steel industry in Pennsylvania, he worked in a mill which built the i-beams and fittings that supported the towers.  He recalled building them as the towers came down and was in awe of the power that he knew it took to break down those beams.  We were all speachless when we visited a travelling museum exhibit hosted by the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh several years ago.

(c) Skyline from the Ellis Island Ferry

I think it is quite befitting the USS New York was built from the tangled mess of metal of the WTC.  It shows the American spirit in true form, as has been done before.  We may get knocked down, but we will get back up again.

(c) Lady Liberty's little sister on the Seine from the Tour Eiffel

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