Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sands of Sanibel

Whilst stuck in America, I decided to make the best of it.  I have been in Florida for the past week and couldn't fit in enough of my favorite things so I extended my trip for another week.   I will continue to blog about my favorite things while here as well as some favorite things from PA before I head back to England.  

This weekend I went to Sanibel Island on the way back from Kissimmee, yes Sanibel is quite a diversion from Tampa, but felt it was necessary.  My husband and I got married here in November and there is so much about the island that I love, I couldn't get this close and not visit.  The beaches here are absolutely chaca with shells, and not shell fragments, whole shells, and nice ones at that.  I walked miles a day, even in the 95+ degree weather and enjoyed every step of it, that is until I realized I forgot to reapply sunscreen on the return part of one of my walks...

OK, so this one is alive, but there are hundreds that are not.

Sea turtles also use the beaches for nesting.  Monitoring sea turtle nests was one of my first paid jobs in my field after moving to Florida and the little guys hold a special place in my heart.   When I first walked out onto the beach I noticed 2 nests flanking the area where we had our wedding ceremony, and the next morning, another nest was deposited there as well.  I will attempt to following the progress of these nests to the best of my ability from the UK.

turtle tracks returning to the Gulf

Sanibel is teaming with wildlife, here are a few more pictures:

A brown Pelican

A great blue heron

An Ibis

A green anole

An osprey nest

Beach Sunflower

ghost crab


And what would a weekend at the beach be without a beautiful sunset.  Gulf coast sunsets are some of the best I have ever seen:

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