Sunday, 12 June 2011

The American Suburbanite in Suburban America

    Well it has been 4 weeks since I left the UK and my visa application was delivered to the British Consulate in NY on Tuesday.  It took a bit (a lot) longer than I hoped to get it submitted, but I think it will be a hard application to deny at nearly 100 pages of supporting documents.

Whilst in America, I have been catching up with lots of old friends and spending time with my nephew.  It has been great to see some of my friends and family again, but I do miss my home and look forward to going back. 

That being said, I have slipped into suburban life again,.   I am driving on the right side of the road from the left side of the car with no problems, ok almost no problems.  I drove on the left side of the road once, but it was on a tiny little private road, there were not really 2 lanes, at least by American road standards! 

I have gone shopping a few times, but have not bought much.  I am a bit concerned I have lost my American zest for shopping, for now I am blaming it on the desire to loose weight before buying too much.

On that note, I have gone back to the gym here in PA, they have a weekly plan so I can cancel as soon as we get any news from UKBA. The gym here is so big compared to our little one at home, but I am starting to feel comfortable in such a big space.   I had a great meeting with the trainer and a crazy upper body work out.  I would love to have a trainer on a regular basis, but have to keep a close eye on the budget as I have not worked in over a year now.  I was reminded of some basics of working out that I had ignored for a bit.  Strength training will become more of a part of my routine and I will stop doing the full body circuit routine so many times a week, more rest time and more work on each muscle group...  

I wonder how much weight I can loose by Tuesday, I am going to Florida and I am far from bikini ready.  We had great weather in April in England, but it was not swimsuit weather and springtime in PA was slow to come, but we are in full blown summer as temperatures  soared into the 90's today.  I put on an old bikini to get some sun (don't want to burn when I go to FL), and I definitely have some work to do.  I am so excited to get to Florida (bikini ready or not)  It was my home for 14 years before moving to England, it is where we got married, and it will be our home again some day.  There was no way I could come to America and not spend some time in the Sunshine state.  I am looking forward to that feeling I get when I sit on the beach and watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  It is a feeling I get no where else in the world, and I have missed that sense of renewal I get from it.  It will help me get through this waiting period and the time I am away from my husband.

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