Friday, 24 June 2011

Doc Fords

After all my walking on the beach, I built up a healthy appetite.  I went to Doc Ford's, one of my favorite restaurants, for dinner.  My husband and I found it on our first visit to Sanibel and ate there several times because they aired the world cup matches.  We loved the food, it takes the best of fresh Florida ingredients and puts them together in an interesting way.  We enjoyed the menu so much we replicated some of it for our wedding menu. I had an idea of what I wanted before I got to the restaurant.   When I found out my salad did not come in a small portion it helped me finalize my decision.

Captiva Style Crab Cakes

Sorry about the blurry picture, I took the photos with my phone.  These are some of my favorite crab cakes and the spicy remoulade is a great contrast to the cool and sweet apple cider slaw.  I came into the restaurant knowing I was ordering the crab cakes.

Tropical Salad
For my main I had the tropical salad.  I was unsure if I would have a variety of appetizers or a main course.  I chose a main course and I love the tropical salad.  It has such a mix of flavors, dried cherries, tomatoes, spiced pecans, mandarin oranges, mozzarella cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette.  I love the mix of sweet and savory, crunchy and juicy... just what an entree salad should be.

Drunken Parrot Carrot Cake

Gossling's Black Seal Rum makes this carrot cake super moist.  It was such a big piece I ate it in 3 separate sittings.  I figured I had to get some rum in if I was eating at a Rum Bar and Grille!

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