Saturday, 23 June 2012

Two down One to go.

Our second week was as good as our first week on the Island. We have used our bikes and racked up quite a few miles. We even did 21 in one day! Our roller blades have not been quite as successful though. My husband had a little tumble and we've not been back on since. We will go on again before leaving Florida, just not sure when.

We kept hoping for some rain, actually the thunderstorms that are part of the hot summer afternoon routine in Florida. Instead, we are getting outer bands of a tropical depression (could be tropical storm Debbie soon). It doesn't look like it will have a major impact on Florida but it will create a lot of rain bands for another day or so. The upside to the storm? Great waves. This is not the gentle Gulf of Mexico I adore, but it is fun for a little while. Just wish I knew how to surf!

We have seen some great wildlife so far too. You can see a one day list on my Wild Wednesday post. I will make a list for the whole trip as well. As far as our hawk goes, I need to check up on him after the weekend. I promised myself I would only check once a week so as to not bother the staff of CROW too much. Today's big sighting, flying ants. The rain must have flooded out a nest. They are looking for drier ground but have only found our screens so far. As long as they don't come in I'm fine.

In between the cycling and wildlife viewing, we had time to learn a new activity, shuffle board! There is a board next to the grills, so our curiosity was peaked. We weren't sure of the rules so we had a look online and played a little yesterday before the rain came too heavy. I could see us playing more while we are grilling, as long as we remember the bug spray! I think we counted 54 bites on my poor husband!

We hope to get out on the water next week. We are looking at renting some kayaks or just doing the tarpon bay explorers cruise. It depends on the weather and how ambitious we get!

I almost forgot, we found the dream house! It is well beyond our means, but a girl can dream! It has prime location, gorgeous views, private dock and beach, and it's for sale! Really need to win the lottery now lol.

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