Friday, 8 June 2012

A La Côte d'Azure, our second port of call

Villefranche was our second port of call. It was a tendered port so we were up and waiting in line for our tender boat tickets. We managed to get on the second boat to shore. I guess it was worth Matt standing in line while I showered.

We walked straight to the train station and got our tickets for Monaco and Nice. Within a few minutes our train was at the station and we were on our way to Monaco.

Once out of the station in Monaco we signs for the upcoming Monaco formula-1 grand prix. We walked through town up to the castle (yup another uphill walk). When we made it to the top we discovered the changing of the guard was only 15 minutes away. So after a stop to get our postcards from every stop and a patch we waited just behind the chain. We wrote our postcards as the guard readied for their change and then I snapped TONS of pictures.

After a walking back down the hill and drooling over all of the luxury yachts, we passed the swimming pool chicane before getting back on the train to Nice.

Once in Nice I was a bit disappointed. It was just crowded and full of tourists. We wanted to eat at a cafe on the beach and after not being able to get served we just went to a chain on the high street between the beach and the train station. I did dip my toes into the Mediterranean Sea and picked up a souvenir shell from the very crowded and rocky beach so it wasn't all bad.

We took the train back to Villefranche and spent the rest of our afternoon on the beach. The local children were having a great time swimming and jumping off the rocks. The water was much too cold for any more than the quick dip in the wave wash at Nice.

A quick trip on one of the tender/life boats and we were back aboard our ship. We sat on our balcony and read as we waited to pull up anchor and get underway again. Apparently a few people were late getting back as a tender boat pulled up to the ship about 20 minutes after we were set to leave. Then we had to wait for the pilot boat to move some kids on a row boat out of the way. A little late, but we were all aboard and safely on our way to Italy.

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