Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Riding the waves of the Atlantic

Over the last day we have left the Bay of Biscay and rounded Portugal into the Atlantic. This morning we were probably off the Silver Coast, not far from our villas (where we stayed in January). Contrary to my expectations, the water is smoother here than the seas we sailed yesterday.

We woke up to quite a still and misty morning. After all the white caps yesterday, the water looked almost smooth. Between a very late night of entertainment and turning the clocks ahead 1 hour, we didn't stir from our slumber until 0948 this morning.

While we enjoyed sleeping in it forced us to go to one of the breakfast buffets instead of our Aqua class restaurant Blu. That is something we won't do again. The mounds of greasy bacon and sausages may have looked good this morning but did not taste as good as our Blu made to order breakfast.

As we spent much of our afternoon sleeping yesterday (three separate naps), we are trying to be a bit more active today. We attended a port of call lecture as well as a cha- cha class. They are doing glass blowing demonstrations this-afternoon and I hope to make it to a yoga class or the pool before supper and entertainment begins.

So far I have been rather disappointed in our lectures as I have not learned much about our destinations. We have had "an expert about Spanish culture" and a travel writer whose articles have appeared in "many of the Sunday inserts". Each one gave very vague facts that anyone who goggled our ports of call prior to the trips could have learned. I understand their goal is to make you want to purchase a shore excursion through the cruise line, however I think it could be done differently. I guess I have just been spoiled by my J- term classes at Westminster college with Dr Clarence Harms leading the way. If it were up to me, I would have informative lectures that include a few details about a shore excursion that has some activities you can only do through that particular tour. Things you couldn't do on your own to make people want to buy the package. Oh well I am not the cruise director or the activities manager, just a first time cruise passenger (unless you count j-term in the Galapagos) who is easily 25 years younger than the average age of the rest of the passengers, what do I know?

For now I will just research independently and prepare for our first docking in Malaga tomorrow.

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