Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Land ho, the American suburbanite in Malaga

We arrived at our first port of call, Malaga, Spain. After listening to the ship's staff tell us all the reasons we should take one of their shore excursions, we headed into town on our own.

Within a few minutes we were at the public beach, no need for the shuttle service. I had mapped a preliminary route to the birth place of Picasso along the shore, past the bull ring (my views on this later) up the hill past the fort and castle, and back down to the Plazza de la Merced. Surprisingly enough, we followed the map and my ideal route past as many attractions as possible fairly well. Although we had a few confused moments (you know when your holding a map and turning it/yourself looking for street signs to attempt to get your bearings) we made it to everything on our list in decent time.

When satisfied we had seen as much of Malaga as we wanted, we strolled through a lovely park back to the beach. We put out my beach sheet and soaked up some rays for our last bit of time before heading back to the ship.

Taking extra caution, we left the beach with an hour together back on board. It was only a 10 minute walk back to the port security area, but I had fears of the snaked line to get through security being extremely crowded. There was also one other smaller cruise ship in port as well. Needless to say there was only one other group of people in front of us and we made it through in just a few minutes.

Since we were back on board with plenty of time to spare we headed up to the lawned deck to check out the Corning museum of glass show and sea how the turtle hatchling made the day before looked after coming out of the cooling oven.

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