Friday, 11 May 2012

87 days!

Today is the first of my husbands "lifestyle break" from work. Basically the chance to do something you've wanted to do without having to hit the alarm clock and go back to work on Monday or in 2 weeks, but in 12 weeks. All the while he knows his same job and pay are waiting for him when the 12 weeks is over.

This is a very exciting time for my husband as he has worked for the same supermarket chain for 27 years. Working in management he has had guidelines on what he wears to work, how he wears his hair... Not that my husband is a closet goth or anything, but he is having a bit of a "rage against the machine" moment and dyeing his hair blonde!

Last night we just did highlights. After a lengthy 2 hours of Mrs. G pulling his hair through the cap, applying the lightening cream, rinsing, & conditioning he decided it wasn't quite drastic enough. We have decided it was a look he could keep when he had to go back to work though.

After having a lovely evening with some university friends of his mother, we did another color treatment, this time all over! Wow what a difference. It is a brassy blonde now but he is enjoying his this alter ego style.

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