Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fa la la la largh!?!

We have been back in the country for 10 days now and have just 10 more days until the family arrive for Christmas.

As always I have taken on a major project in addition to getting ready. Instead of just cleaning up after all the cats and decking the halls, I started painting our dining room. Previously i started painting one of our guest bedrooms prior to a family overnight visit. Someone did sleep in a room that wasn't quite finished but it was not the end of the world. This is a bit more involved since we will be serving two very large meals and a few small ones from this room.

The good news is I am more than half way done with my plan since we returned from the States. Two Christmas trees are lit and I just have to find ornament hooks to finish decorating them. Might be making ones out of twine at this rate. Note to self, have family buy package after Christmas and bring back with me next trip out!

Food is also well underway. Sauce and lasagna rolls made, sausage stuffing is on the list for tomorrow as well as the baked goods. Turkey has been ordered from the local butcher, a free range herb fed bird! Cocktail sausages and streaky bacon from the butcher as well, no store bought frozen stuff this year! Vegetarians not to fear, plenty of meat free options as well!

Gift shopping is nearly there. Will be cataloging our shop against my list in the Evernote App tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out how to get a few surprises for my husband... Not so easy living in a tiny village with no car. Might be doing a bit of Internet shopping tomorrow!

Most importantly the ever important frock for Christmas Eve has been purchased and it should keep me motivated to not pick on the previously mentioned baked goods!

Nearing the end of my 'workday' and managed to get both trees decorated and a chicken is in the oven for supper tonight. As long as I don't wimp out about leaving my warm and cozy room to go to the gym today will be rather successful!


  1. Lisa, you are wonderful

    1. I havent said it yet, and for that I am sorry, but Thank you :)