Friday, 15 October 2010

Getting around

Since coming to the UK, we have been struggling to decide what my mode of transportation would be. Currently we have one car, a business car, which I am not insured to drive. For now, if I want to get out of the village, it is on 2 wheels and pedal power! It is not so bad as long as I do not have to go anywhere in the rain and we haven't had terribly cold weather yet. There are several small villages within a couple of miles, but most of them have fewer amenities than my village. The next town is only about 4 miles away and I try to cycle there at least once a week for physical and psychological well being. Part of the ride is through a farmers field and the remainder is on a fairly quiet road. It is relatively flat in this part of the UK, which I am thankful for! I only got lost once and that was on the way back from town I missed a turn in the fields. I came to a dead end and it took me a few minutes to figure out where I had gone wrong. Fortunately I could see the village church in the distance which helped me get my bearings and head the right direction. You should have seen me in the middle of these fields trying to figure out where to go! Since then I make the trip routinely and have had no problems. So remember when you are driving out there to watch for bicycles! Or just leave your car at home and pedal, it is good for you and the environment!

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