Friday, 29 October 2010

Fuel for the Fire

Now that the weather has turned, it is time to start preparing for winter. We ordered coal and logs to help supplement our use of oil for heating this winter. Not only will it keep me warm inside, it did a good job of keeping me warm outside as well. It was delivered in these bulk bags to the front of the house. Our storage area is in the back of the house up some wonky steps. When this picture was taken I had already moved coal bucket by bucket for about an hour (probably about 45 buckets worth). The bag was filled to the top like the logs when I started at 0930. By 1330, I had finished moving the coal and started the logs. Thankfully not long after I started moving the logs some friends showed up and helped me make very short work of the rest. I built a fire that evening and it was lovely and warm without the central heating... Lets hope it lasts through the winter now!! Fingers crossed its a mild one.

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