Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sweet Treats (or maybe not): Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

To those who know me well, it is no surprise I wanted to try Buffalo Chicken cupcakes. I absolutely love buffalo flavored anything - wings, shrimp, on a salad, a sandwich, in chili, ANYTHING! Every time I go back to the States, there are 2 things I order: buffalo shrimp from Frenchy's restaurant in Clearwater, FL and Louisiana Lickers chicken wings from Quaker Steak and Lube wherever I can find one.

About a year ago, I made barbecue chicken muffins and they were quite tasty. I simply seared some bite sized pieces of chicken until it was almost cooked and coated it in barbecue sauce. I filled mini muffin tins with corn bread batter (use your favorite mix or make it from scratch) and set some chicken on top. Placed it in the oven for about 15 minutes, enough time to bake the corn bread and finish cooking the chicken, and ate them. They were great, and I had started coming up with ideas to up the wow factor on them (think I have been watching too many cupcake wars lol).

So, when I saw a recipe on the blog "cupcakes take the cake" for buffalo chicken cupcakes I was very excited. This was just before the Super Bowl and after a month of anticipation I finally got to the business of making buffalo chicken cupcakes...and they were awful. I even wasted the last 1/2 cup of my 'American import specialty food item' Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

I was not expecting a sweet cupcake taste, the post said it would be like corn bread. I like corn bread and I had given my own go at the savory cupcake, I thought I knew what to expect. You know that moment when you have a flavor expectation in your head and you take a bite and the actual flavor and the flavor expectation are complete opposites? All I can say is I was glad I was at home and I did not have to be polite. I actually took a second bite in hopes it was not as bad as my first reaction, but I was wrong. I even had my husband taste it afterwards and he affirmed my conclusions with his response, "No offense honey, but they are awful".

Oh well, they can't all be treats! I guess this one was more of a trick. We will be chucking these out the kitchen window to see who can get more on the roof of the outhouses. Maybe the birds will enjoy them more than we did!

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