Sunday, 19 February 2012

Handy crafts of Portugal: Cork

Aside from tourism, the major industry of Portugal, is cork production. With 35% of the worlds cork oak trees, Portugal produces more than half of the worlds cork. For more statistics about Portuguese cork you can go to This post is not about the the production process or even how the Portuguese economy is feeling the switch to twist cap bottle tops.

Instead, this is about the unique products the artisans of Portugal make out of cork. So everyone knows about bottle corks and floor tiling. It is used as beverage coasters and place mats, but those are the mundane uses for cork. Artisans and craftsmen (and women) throughout Portugal have taken cork to another level. Jewelry, postcards, iPad cases, umbrellas, shoes/slippers have all been beautifully hand crafted from cork.

If you check websites such as you will see examples of these products.

We brought back a couple of bracelets as gifts and sent ourselves a postcard.

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