Saturday, 22 October 2011

On a down town train...

Ok, so it is not a down town train, but it is a train going to town.  Even though it was a day off for my husband we woke up to our alarms while it was still dark outside to catch a train down to London at 0828 this morning.  We are heading in for the International Series NFL game tomorrow.

When we get into London we are hoping to get into Trafalgar Square to see form Pittsburgh Steeler Champion "The Bus" Jerome Bettis.

Our hotel is near St. Paul's Cathedral and the protesters for occupy London have been moved out of the financial district and wound up there.  Hopefully they won't be too much problem in their tent city.

Oh well, thought I would be able to capture picture from my web cam for the blog, but no such luck... pictures soon to follow :)

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