Monday, 3 October 2011

Indian Summer

Glorious sunset over the fields
So I have an excuse for not writing much this week... Indian Summer!  This will probably be one of my only posts where I am not complaining about the English weather!

Last week my husband had a meeting in Edinburgh, so I went up with him.  I spent the day walking Princess Street and the Royal Mile bundled up in a wool sweater, suede jacket, and scarf.  I even pulled out my rain hat for a little while and put on my fingerless gloves in the morning.  I knew we were miles further north, but had resigned to the fact summer was long gone.  I would catch a fleeting glimpse in November while we were in Florida, but should start gearing up for winter.  I have even called the chimney sweep and am making plans for another wood delivery.

intermittent rain and chilly at Edinburgh castle

Monday we went down to visit a friend in Mildenhal and the weather was lovely, polar opposite of Edinburgh.  Granted we were probably equally further south as we were north just a few days prior, but gorgeous weather.  We stopped at Cambridge on the way home and we were both warm enough for a nice ice cream just across from Kings College.  

Kings College, Cambridge

Punt boats, Camridge

We thought we would leave the nice weather behind in the south, but it came back to North Yorkshire with us.  Wednesday was warm enough for a skirt and short sleeve top as we walked around York.  

Our al fresco candle light dinner

The gorgeous weather has stayed with us all week, and should do for a bit of October as well.  My husband had to work late last night but this warm weather had me up for grilling and al fresco dining, so I got out some candles and Christmas lights, and we had dinner on the deck.  Grilled salmon, carrots and cauliflower.  We even had fresh local raspberries and cream for dessert.  My husband enjoyed the little escape from reality and I enjoyed setting it up.  I figure as a stay at home wife, why not!  I can always do laundry tomorrow... and dishes, now i have to clean up this mess!

Reports are for the warmest October on record (can only hope!), followed by a snowy end.  Ah well, it is England, I can't expect balmy weather through the year!  That will come when we move back to Florida!

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