Friday, 7 May 2010

Edinburgh, Scotland

In all we had an absolutely lovely time in Edinburgh. This was not without a few moments of absolutely frustrating mayhem. Men, just remember, if your female partner tells you to call somewhere, call! When I booked our room early in the week, they advised calling in ahead to book parking. Well, we didn't call until driving around road blocks and traffic detours (diversions) for about an hour. Not only is traffic and parking in Edinburgh a nightmare" as we were told numerous times, but there was a 5k race and the road our hotel was on was closed as well as some crazy rugby tournament, and it was a holiday weekend. So we finally found a place in a multi-story car park (parking garage) to put the car so we could go to the castle and enjoy the day. This practically doubled our parking budget for this portion of the trip lol Fortunately the castle and a walk along the royal mile and and rose street were well worth the wait. We did some good window shopping and scoped some good prices on a few bits and bobs to bring back to the states. We found a place to have a nice lunch and I even tasted Haggus... and that is where I will leave you today!


  1. Fabulous photo! How was the haggis?

  2. Thank you, photography is a real passion of mine. I am ok with haggis, as long as I have some mashed potatoes to eat it with!