Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wow, time is flying

It seems as if I have been waiting so long for my Visa, that now that I know when I get to go back to England, the time is FLYING by...  I have been filling my days with mundane activities like scanning in paperwork and going through clothes still in my parents house...  I have fit in a few fun activities as well such as playing with my nephew and watching Pirates baseball.

PNC Park: a beautiful ball field even with a slightly compromised view
I think this fan has it summed up perfectly, no one ever expected the Pirates to perform above 300 let alone above 500.  The city is showing their support by selling out a number of the weekend games.

Reminds me of Field of Dreams,
"If you build it they will come!"

I have also managed to go to the gym nearly every day this week and hope to continue that routine until my departure (even the morning of my flight) I am really hoping I can keep this trend going when I get back into the English Countryside  as well. I might not be in pillates or aquafit classes daily, but if I can get in a brisk walk or a bike ride on days we don't go to the gym I am hoping to successfully take off the weight I put on living in the middle of rural the worst winter on record... with no car... My big activity last winter was walking to the out house (shed), filling a bucket with coal, and walking back into the house to keep the fires in the house warm!

Winter sky over the River Swale,
not a welcoming sight for an outdoor work out.

Here is to hoping I bring the sunshine back to England with me!  

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