Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Recovered from the Royal Wedding

The Royal Kiss
As the Nation celebrated for their prince and his bride, the world celebrated with them, and I am one of the billions of people who participated in this process.  My husband and woke up at 0400 so that I could get to London before things got underway.  By 0515 we left the house on schedule and by 0555 I was on board my East Coast train which departed promptly at 0600 hrs.  It was with such precision that the Royal  Wedding was also scheduled.  The announcers for BBC commended Kate Middleton on her scheduling and attention to detail, but especially her ability to keep a secret. Operation Meringue as it has been referred to even gave some reporters the idea of the new Princess working for MI6 with her ability to keep things top secret!  The bride to be used a standard tool of mine, Skype, to help keep her designer under cover until the big day.  While some may be disappointed in her dress or their kiss, I think the day was beautiful and well thought out for both the Royal family, the brides family, the United Kingdom, and the world.  

My Royal Wedding Outfit

Prince and Princess watching flyby as planes flew over park & palace
I opted for comfort and am glad I did.  I ended up in a park most of the day and when they opened the park, a number of the tube stations were closed so I did a lot of walking (which is fine, no guilt about not going to the gym!)  Not pictured are the gloves I wore most of the day, I am still a wimpy Floridian on the inside!   A pop of color with my blue blouse under my cashmere sweater (nice light layers).  The scarf helped keep me warm in the early morning and late evening, and although I wore my bright yellow rain jacket (fabric not plastic!) the rain was a minimal drizzle when I first arrived in London, but we were lucky to have the sun come out in the afternoon.   I mustn't forget my all important accessory, my hat.  I do have to say I think mine was a bit better than a few of the others out there:

And even now that the  long weekend has passed and most are back to work, signs of the joyous occasion are still present.  My little village shop is still flying its flags proudly as is the Curvy Bridal Boutique in the next town, check out their window displays!  We saw these on the way to the gym on Monday and I cycled in to take photos (and go to the gym) yesterday. 

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