Saturday, 23 April 2011

Signs of Spring

We have been  very fortunate over here the last couple of weeks, after a dreary, snowy, winter (coldest on record according to the man who fixes our boiler) we have had an absolutely lovely spring.  I am no longer the recluse in front of the open fire in the snug (living room), I am out and about spending as much time as possible in the sunshine.  It comes no where close to the sunshine of Florida, but it is warming and soothing all the same.  If I am outside, you know my camera is not far behind, here are a few pictures of springtime here in the England:

 Not only do we have leaves on our trees, but flowers as well.  The number of flowering trees here is staggering.  Both due to sheer number, but also due to the allergies that it seems to trigger in me.  The above picture is one of the 2 apple trees in our garden (back yard).  
 Daffodils are another sight, one of the first true signs of spring.  It has been warmer earlier than normal and many of the daffodils have already past their prime.  These along the walls of York are shaded most of the day and look gorgeous in this setting sun.

Daffodils, daffodils, and more daffodils!

 Spring wouldn't be complete without baby animals!  These goslings along the river were precious, mamma goose was not going to let anyone or anything get too close, she chased another goose into the river while we were there!
And my favorite babies of all, LAMBS!!  Here are a few from the village farm.  I walk past them often, it is fun to watch them dash across the field or leap with excitement.  They are growing so fast as well.  Again mamma sheep has a keen eye on me here!  Don't worry mamma, your lambs are safe with me!

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