Friday, 11 February 2011

The first blooms...

Snowdrops are blooming, it must mean spring is near. They are a variety of bulb planted in abundance. You can find them on road sides, private and public gardens, hill sides, just about anywhere in the UK. They are just starting to peak out right now, but in soon they will blanket the environment. These tough little flowers will even bloom in the snow. (Thankfully we have been snow free for the most part this year especially after our heavy snow leading up to Christmas). We only planted about 20bulbs in the fall, and they are starting to peak through the ground in the slightly warmer areas (the barrels at the front of the house are slow going, little sunlight and insulation). It is nice to see the promise of warmer weather for it has been quite challenging for me during the depths of winter. Only about 6 hours of daylight has been a drastic change to my Florida weather. Little snowdrops are like little smiles from nature letting you know the reward for winter is coming....SPRING! Daffodils soon to follow!

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  1. I may have been a bit premature with this post... we had 12 days of gray and ugly weather and it even snowed again on Saturday. Fortunately yesterday we had a bit of sunshine to help us get through the next spell of gloomy English weather.