Wednesday, 2 June 2010

rain rain go away...

The weather turned out quite nice on Monday, went for a lovely long walk and enjoyed the country air. I had a great sighting of ;the house martins playing in a puddle. They were so involved with their puddle, they didn't fly away when I approached. When I got home I was able to hang the laundry outside. Tuesday however was gray and miserable all day long. Took me ages to get motivated to do anything. It was a good day for curling up with the cats and our outdoor explorer even came home to get out of the rain. I finally got moving around 3:00 pm.... I started painting the "office" a closet where we house the computer. Note to self, rough plaster takes ages to paint, especially deep red. The weather has cleared again today and should be warm and in the 70's through the weekend I plan on being outside as much as possible!!

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